Tabb Ludens
Ludens는 ‘유희’를 의미하며, 탭루덴스가 지향하는 라이프스타일 입니다. 다양한 놀이를 모티브로, Essential, Simplicity, Detail의 철학을 담아 제품을 생산합니다. 탭루덴스와 함께 마주하는 일상이 놀이의 즐거움으로 채워지길 바랍니다.
Tabb Ludens is a lifestyle apparel brand. As a lifestyle brand, we design and distribute lifestyle products such as fashion, accessories, household items with the motif of our daily lives. Tabb Ludens is a creators team that creates variety of artworks to reframe ordinary lifestyles with joy and fun. Ludens, meaning 'Play' in Latin, is the philosophy and value that Tabb Ludens wants to provide to our customers. Essential, Simplicity, Detail are the three main keywords that have the greatest influence on our design, putting the quality of all the products as top priority.
We hope that everyone who faces Tabb Ludens will be filled with joy and inspiration within their lifestyles.